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Yoga Testimonials


Jeanni Bonine OT & Yoga Participant

I have been forever searching for a yoga instructor in the DeKalb area who can honor the spiritual aspects of yoga while still providing the physical challenge.  I am so happy I have found Amy!  As a healthcare professional myself, I highly respect Amy’s approachable nature and awareness of ways to modify/adapt yoga given my individual physical ailments/issues.  She made it a personal challenge to help me find modifications that worked for my body.  I highly recommend taking Amy’s classes for anyone. 

Virginia, 63

Amy is a wonderful teacher. She has a deep knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy which she shares in a clear and compassionate way. Her classes provide a combination of instruction, encouragement, and information about yogic practice and beliefs that keeps me interested even as I am challenged. Amy is considerate of her students and pays attention to our individual needs regardless of age or ability.

I look forward to Amy’s classes: I am able to set aside all the care of a busy life, clear my mind, and focus on my breath, while enjoying a wonderful workout. At the end of a class, I feel calm and restored. Amy’s approach is perfect for me… it allows me to push myself while listening to my body. Since I’ve been practicing I am more flexible and stronger.

Monday Morning Yoga Participant

I’ve been going to Amy’s Monday morning class for almost a year and really enjoy it.  She mixes a variety of poses and includes modifications so all skill levels can benefit from them.  The class is at a good pace and not too intense.  The length of the class allows for a good relaxation period at the end.

Jill, attorney, 47

Amy is an amazing yoga instructor. She has helped me gain flexibility, strength, and sanity. Each class is different and I always leave feeling relaxed and happy. 

Prenatal Yoga Testimonial


Prenatal Yoga Class Participant

Amy is not only a fantastic teacher but also a very warm and caring support person to have as a resource for you during your pregnancy. I would recommend every pregnant mom to take a prenatal yoga class and I really wish I had taken classes with my first pregnancy! Amy has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to poses and exercises you can do to help cope and manage all the physically demanding aspects of pregnancy. Knowing I have these tools has made this pregnancy so much more comfortable and I definitely have noticed a better maintenance of my muscle strength in this pregnancy by staying active and practicing in class and at home. I can’t recommend her class enough! 

Jenna, Prenatal Yoga Class Participant

My doctor recommended Prenatal Yoga to help with some back stiffness I was having early in my pregnancy. The pace of the class is appropriately challenging and incorporates valuable relaxation techniques. Amy is very encouraging and knowledgeable!

Kary Landon, age 33

I had never done yoga in my life but my friend talked me into Prenatal Yoga. I went one time and was hooked. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and the Yoga was just what my body needed while I was pregnant. Amy was great at showing modifications for different women depending on needs and ability levels. I have recommended Prenatal Yoga with Amy to all of my friends.

-Kevie Davey, Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Class Participant

I enjoyed taking yoga classes from Amy for a couple years, and then I got pregnant and was ecstatic she is certified and offers Prenatal Yoga. Her Prenatal Yoga class helped me to strengthen my body for labor and keep my body active throughout my pregnancy. The breathing and relaxation also helped prepare me for labor. Amy’s knowledge and expertise, as well as her caring and supportive demeanor is a wonderful addition
to the class. 

Chair Yoga Testimonials

Chair Yoga Participant

I love our chair yoga class.  I'm 72, with hip, knee, and back issues, and Amy is so understanding, helpful, and encouraging.  I always feel better - both mentally and physically - after class. I have had other good yoga teachers, but Amy's voice and the way she talks us through each pose is the best!!

Donna Veeneman - Chair Yoga Participant, retired secretary, 66

I love my classes with Amy.  I have been in her chair yoga class since April of 2015 and I look forward to them each week.  She keeps it interesting by adding new poses regularly.  She takes a personal interest in all of her students and always is willing to give helpful advice if we ask.  She will work with each of us if we have special needs or limitations - she can always offer useful alternatives.  I always feel better after spending an hour with Amy.  She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had!

Sharon, Chair Yoga Class Member

I cannot say enough good things about Amy or our Chair Yoga Class! Amy is honestly the best! She’s always reminding us that there’s “no pain in yoga” and that we should do what we can. She is so pleasant and encouraging. And the yoga practice makes me feel better!